Aaims Logistics Inc. is a locally owned and operated reclamation and remediation company based in Clairmont, AB. We are also distributors for Cypher Environmental, which manufactures dust control and soil stabilization products.

Aaims Logistics Inc. prides itself on the professional and timely delivery of quality service. With a flexible approach to our client’s needs, our team of skilled professionals responds to every project with a customer service mindset.
 We focus on delivering for our clients with a strong belief in safety and accountability

At Aaims we believe it is our duty and responsibility to be a community builder both locally and abroad. Aaims Logistics is part of a group of companies including residential/commercial storage, automotive and commercial lighting upgrades from stock to LED, and manufacturing of lubricants and fuel conditioners.

Grande Prairie Chamber of Commerce


Aaims Logistics Inc. values open and honest communication. We value innovation, flexibility, and opportunity to excel. We are accountable, committed and reliable. We invite our clients, employees and shareholders to share in the success of following our values.

At Aaims Logistics Inc., we take the time to listen and provide the solution that’s right for your needs. By recognizing the relationships between the many tasks in our industry, we identify and continually add services that provide better overall service to our valued clients.


Aaims Logistics Inc. serves its community by providing diversified services with integrity and honesty, founded on building relationships.


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